About Me

I am Stacy, wife to the love of my life and mom to 2 year old Ella and 4 year old Ryan. I love being outside, hiking, running, cooking, traveling, and learning new things with my kiddos. Some day I'm going to grow up to be a midwife! In the meantime I teach childbirth classes and work as a Doula.



Giving Up On A Clean House

In December 2009, a normally grounded friend was explaining to me how the holidays had left her so frazzled. I was saying how for once in my life I don't feel totally over-committed and stressed; I'm actually enjoying the holiday season. Of course she asked what my secret is, and as a dear friend I disclosed, I have given up on a clean house!

Now, I'm not admitting that my house is a filthy disaster, I'm just saying that I've recently realized that at the end of the day it doesn't matter if my kitchen sink has been scrubbed, but it does matter if I read to my kids, played with them, taught them something, prepared a healthy dinner and enjoyed it all together.

This brings me to realize that I actually accomplished this year's resolution! I have slowed down, committed to less and focused my energy on what matters to me!

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