Unit Studies

Our first theme this school year is going to be Colors! Here are some of my plans. I'll be sure to write posts on our activities, and update this page to be more inclusive when we finish.

We're going to discuss primary colors, secondary colors, warm colors, and cool colors.

As an ongoing project we’re going to make a bilingual color book by cutting apart some worksheets and magazines. The background for each page will be a piece of construction paper with the same color sponge painted on.

We’re going to use our Heidi Songs CD and folder games.

We’re going to practice writing our color words

We’re going to play Color Factory

We’re going to read The Art Lesson & Brown Bear, Brown Bear 

We're going to use some of the activities from these color lap books.

We're going to make a Primary Color Quilt.

We're going to experiment with adding white to primary colors.

We’re going to make this Color Wheel

We're going to make a color wheel flower using paint chips or fabric scraps.

To practice our warm & cool colors we're going to make banners & sun catchers.

We're going to discover secondary colors.

We're going to practice making colors using m&m's to dye pudding.

We’ll learn about rainbows and watch The Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow.

We'll play Rainbow Race

We're going to mix our own colors to make a rainbow.

We can make rainbows. (with beads, or buttons, or playdough)

Tot School

Paint Sample Game with Clothespins

We're going to make a felt rainbow.

Color matching printables

We’re going to sort dyed pasta.

We’re going on a color hunt.

We’ll do a rainbow size sort


For the future:

Science of color