Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Homeschool Hop- Favorite Family Board Games

I always have the intention of participating in a blog hop, the time to sit down and do it is a different story! But, since we love games, and could use some ideas for new ones- I’m jumping in on the Homeschool Hop!

Hi Ho Cherry-O has been Ryan's favorite game since we started with games!






Both Ryan and Ella love Zingo! (I really want the Spanish version)






Just last night we played Erudition all together. I think it would work much better with a group of kids.




On bad weather days the kids play Hullabaloo to get out some energy







When it’s just the adults we play.









  1. We love Sequence for kids, The Ladybug Game, Memory, Yahtzee, Candyland, and Hullabaloo. I've just been making up my own board games too lately. It's so easy to just make a simple board and then you can just make up different drawing cards - like simple addition and subtraction instead of rolling a dice to move or something like that.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I've had hullabaloo on my wish list for awhile.

  3. I really do need to go get Hi Ho Cherry-O. I haven't even heard of the others. This was a great idea for a blog hop topic, I am finding some neat ideas for games. I will be following your blog as soon as I can get over to Internet Explorer as my Google Chrome doesn't work right to follow. It's nice to meet you.