Friday, September 10, 2010

What have we been up to???

Sorry, long time no post ;) Things have been insane at our house and remember my whole motto of focusing on what matters…

Anyways- remember that post about three weeks ago when I went on and on about wanting to spend all of my time with my kids and how I thought it was great that they would stay home for preschool this year. That lasted about 2 weeks then I was ready for a padded room!! I was miserable- feeling grumpy and burnt out. The kids were constantly having rough days and seemed incapable of getting along or occupying themselves. You know how I put far too much time and energy into decisions like this- so to make a long story short, the kids are attending a wonderful preschool two mornings a week. I can’t believe what a difference it has already made in all of us! Apparently we need some time apart. I do feel a bit like a failure- like I should be able to be super mom 24-7. But, it’s just not realistic for us and having a little me time allows me to be a much better mom the rest of the time :)


Ryan & Ella on their first day of preschool!

So what have I been doing during all my me-time (obviously not blogging)? I’ve started classes with the National College of Midwifery and hope to begin my apprenticeship soon to become a Certified Professional Midwife.

Thanks to all the concerned emails I got during my blogging hiatus! We’ll be back on schedule now with tons of great ideas coming your way :) Don’t forget you can sign up for an email subscription (on the right hand toolbar) so that you don’t miss a single post!


The kids love their new bikes! When we head to a park with a bike loop I sometimes even get a bit of homework done!


  1. Ella looks so big in your pictures! Bring the bikes to Davis next week I am off Tues/Thursday. But an afternoon would work too.

  2. Don't feel like a failure. You are a terrific mom and you have to do what is best for YOUR family! Very excited for your new adventure at the Midwifery College!

  3. So VERY exciting!!! I have a friend who is studying to be a midwife and it is a wonderful adventure you are embarking on!!!

  4. oo how fun to be studying to be a midwife. I have a friend that is working on that as well (same one as Jo)! They look so excited about their first day of preschool :-)