Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time for Tots Activity Kit Review

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We have had so much fun the last couple of days with our Mix n’ Match Christmas Kit from Time for Tots.

Our kit arrived with 12 wonderful activities (which I selected, that’s the mix n’ match part of the kit :) The activities were appropriate for both my two and four year old. Some of the activities were consumable (the make an ornament activities), so only one child got to do them. But, there were enough so that they could choose what they wanted to make.

Ella’s favorite activities were, sorting big and small objects onto big and small stockings, and matching the candy canes. Ryan enjoyed the grid games and making a reindeer headband. They worked nicely together on the prewriting strips and puzzles.

I love that these activities took no preparation from me, yet have provided hours of entertainment (and will continue to do so all month)! I also appreciated that each activity was individually organized in separate bags, that the entire kit came securely packed in a single large plastic folder, and that the instructions were clear.

The shipping was super fast, so it’s not too late to order your kit and still have time to do these fun holiday activities with your kids!

Don’t forget while you’re on the Time for Tots site to check out other kits that can be used all year long. I’ve been eyeing their Fine Motor Skills Kit, the Everything Preschool Kit, the Color Travel Size Kit, and the Working With Words Kit. They even have Sensory Bins.

Nicole from Time for Tots generously provided this free kit for us to review. The opinions in this review are mine and were not influenced by Time for Tots or its affiliates.


  1. What a fun kit! Looks like everyone loved it!

  2. So glad you guys are having fun with the kit. The Mix n Match kit is sold out but there are still a few different Christmas themed kits to pick from.

    Thanks for helping us spread the word about Time for Tots! We are passionate about making learning kits for little ones on a mom's budget. =)

  3. I just saw on Time for Tots Facebook Page: On sale!! Our 12 Crafts to Christmas Kit is 50% off! That's twelve crafts and ALL supplies for only $10! Limited number left!

  4. Hey Stacy, I moved my blog & wanted to let you know:)