Friday, May 28, 2010

Sight Word Garden

This is our sight word garden! I bought cardboard flowers from Michael's and we painted them using our liquid watercolors . Each flower has a sight word on it and all of the flowers are put into a flower pot. When Ryan really knows a word (can quickly identify it, find it in stories, and spell it or sing it's song) he gets to plant it in the garden! So far Ryan is loving our garden, and I love that he's excited about learning these words and that we've come up with a cute way to make sure we keep practicing them.
During our morning calendar time (which I'll post about soon) we practice our flowers in the pot, count how many flowers we've planted and play games with the ones already planted. 
That's our summer reading chain hanging above the garden :)


  1. That is SO AWESOME! B would love that!

  2. Thanks Stacy, I was just trying to figure out how to put sight words up in our playroom for Rorie. She would love this!!! Oh and I got a calender (at the education store in Davis, its great), I will take a pick for you. But you have to tell me what to do with it! lol
    One more thing you have to go to the Michaels in Woodland it is much larger, more organized store than Natomas with more kids stuff!

  3. This is awesome!! I'll have to do this for the kids. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so creative! I'm very impressed that you and so many other moms are working with their children before they get into school.

    Congratulations on something that is really working for you and your son, Ryan.

    PS I came over from Michelle's Beginning Reading blog to check out your link :)

  5. I so have to give this a try sometime.

  6. And that little tiled area looks perfect for some word stepping stones!