Monday, November 15, 2010



I love to use Tumblr as virtual bookmarks for the blogosphere! My Tumblr page is an easy and cute way to keep track of all the great things I find online.

Check out the cookies a friend and I made today, the money game I’m currently making for Ryan, or the erasable activity books that I want to make for Christmas gifts.



  1. I need to start using that.. much better way than using bookmarks in firefox which is what I am currently doing!

  2. I think this is great - I just lost all my bookmarks when my computer crashed. Good idea, thanks.

    Melissa @imaginationsoup

  3. Have you found a pattern for the erasable activity books? I'm curious what is used for the plastic? camiesmom2 at yahoo dot com

  4. Lindsay- I find that I look back way more at what I'm bookmarking in Tumblr. But, I haven't figured out how to make use of tags, to make my ideas more searchable.
    Melissa- Computer crashing is one of my worst nightmares! Thankfully we use a backup system called Mozy that at least makes me less anxious!
    Mississippi Rose- I haven't found directions. I'm curious too, because the original post says they are machine mashable. I'll let you know when (if) I get to them :)