Monday, November 1, 2010

Treasure Chest

One of my favorite aspects of the holidays is giving unique & creative gifts. Ryan and I made this treasure chest for a friend’s birthday.
IMG_1866 IMG_1865
I bought a wooden chest at our craft store. I painted it black, and then used a sponge to add some gold paint. On the inside I used Mod-Podge to apply gold flakes. I tossed in some assorted buttons and jewels, and topped it off with the real loot- pirate books!
I’m trying to come up with some creative gifts for this year. I’m going to make Ryan his own treasure chest. I was thinking of making this dollhouse & dolls for Ella. I’ve been meaning to make some crayon rolls for friends. You can keep track of some of my favorite ideas from around the web on my Tumblr page.
What are some of your favorite homemade gift ideas?


  1. The dollhouse and treasure chest are great ideas. I am hoping to get a small sewing machine so I can make felt food for the kids kitchen and make them a felt garden for xmas. The dollhouse dolls look like Waldorf school dolls.

  2. That treasure chest is a super idea. I am definitely scouring our stores here for something similar. I knwo I have seen them but only ones much smaller.

  3. Wow! Very cool gift ideas. I love the treasure chest!

  4. I got this chest at Michaels. But, when I went back for a big one for Ryan they said they don't carry them anymore...
    I thought about making felt food for the kids too. Then I decided to just order from a friend of mine at :)

  5. That is such a neat idea. What a fun thing to have for pretend play later on. I am sure he loved that treasure chest. I am much better at buying homemade gifts than actually making them myself.