Sunday, October 24, 2010

Turning my Attention to Food

My husband and I have been talking a lot about food lately, mostly in the context of budget and health. On Friday night we watched Food, Inc. I wish we hadn’t waited so long to watch it, but then again maybe it was the perfect time to watch it in conjunction with the discussions we have been having. The movie helped us to solidify some new goals- basically, to spend less money on more healthy food. So on Saturday morning the kids and I went to the farmers’ market.

IMG_4568 IMG_4569

As you can see, Ryan was proud of our produce purchases. Look at all that yummy local, organic produce that we got for just $32! The meat included a large whole chicken, 2 bone-in chicken breasts, and a cross-rib roast.  It was hard to fork over $44 for the meat. Last week, I bought the same size chicken on sale at Raley’s for $4.07 (at the farmers’ market it was $19!). Thankfully, Food, Inc. convinced us that quality is more important than price. We are used to eating meat everyday, we may have to re-examine that in the near future. I love how the documentary reminded us that we can make a difference, we vote on these issues three times a day!

When we got home from the market I had to tweak this weeks’ meal plan (you never can be certain what you’ll find fresh). Laying our purchases all out on the counter not only made for a great photo op, but it helped me to plan to make sure that we were going to use everything we bought. We waste far too much food! As an item was included in a planned meal I put it away. At the same time I made a short list of additional items that we still need from the store.

It’s only Sunday, and I’ve already spent a lot of time and energy on this weeks’ food (and I haven’t even cooked the meals yet). The planning will get easier each week. Soon we will be spending less money on food, supporting farmers and companies that deserve our support, wasting less food, and eating more healthy meals!



  1. I love all the fresh produce. It is hard for me to balance cost and quality.

  2. yay good job! I love getting fresh produce as well!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! The best news is that we stuck to our food plan all week (really uncommon around here!

  4. We waste too much food too. I have to work on that.

  5. We love Food Inc! Another great one is The Future of Food. Great job on your selections ~ they look so pretty!

    We had a period of adjustment with eating less meat (which was harder for dh) but it can get expensive. Now he hunts and we have more meat than I care to eat. (I really got used to eating more beans/legumes and whole grains along with veggies). We just processed an elk ~ wish I could share some with you! Elk is so lean {and grass fed and natural} and prepares much like beef.

    We also buy in bulk from Azure Standard ~ if you live in the Northwest, they offer co-op delivery (mostly locally grown but other products as well). There are other wonderful co-ops I'm sure, though. The hardest part is as you mentioned ~ all the time and energy that goes into food prep! But it is all worth it. *Ü*