Friday, October 15, 2010

My Little Pink Owl


When I saw an owl costume on Ucreate yesterday I couldn’t resist. I had to act quickly because we had a Halloween party to attend tonight! Thankfully, this costume was incredibly easy. I love to attempt stuff like this, but my intentions are much greater than my actual skills. This was all just cutting and gluing :)

As you can see I modified the original idea to not be on a hooded sweatshirt. It was ninety degrees here this evening for the party and I knew she wouldn’t keep the hood on anyways. I glued everything (which saved me an hour in digging out all my sewing stuff). Plus, I had extra single feathers cut out, so I glued those on the arms.  In total the costume cost me $13 and 80 minutes!!

Ella loves her super cute costume! She’s adored owls ever since our owl week in January.  She has an owl themed bedroom. She even had an owl birthday party in April.


I can’t forget to mention my handsome policeman also attended the party tonight!


Look how much they’ve grown since last year!


Can you tell I’ve enjoyed looking back at pictures of my kids tonight ;) Thanks for admiring them!



  1. Your owl costume turned out to be FABULOUS!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh my how ADORABLE! You are so creative! Awesome job!

  3. Love your little owl and her costume of course! Leo must to because he went to bed talking about Ella Ella Ella.

  4. What an awesome costume!!!