Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Owl Week

We're learning about owls this week in anticipation of attending an  event at our local nature preserve this weekend.

We started by making owl dolls with our friend Princess R! First I printed a simple owl image. I taped the owl picture to the table and then taped a piece of muslin on top of it. The kids used fabric markers to trace the owl. They did way better with the tracing than I expected! Next they got to color their new friend in. Our owls are double sided. To make sure the owls were facing the same direction on each side, I flipped over the owl print out and traced it in sharpie. Then I taped it sharpie side up and they traced and colored again.

I took each kids' two owl drawings and pinned them with the right sides together before cutting them. Next I sewed around the edges leaving the bottom open so that I would be able to flip it right side out. After flipping it right side out we stuffed them and sewed them shut.
They took about an hour total and the kids are so excited about their new owl friends!

We read about owls in our Usborne Owl book. Tomorrow we are going to use the internet links from the book to watch a video of an owl hunting, listen to different owl sounds, and sing songs about owls

We played Owl Roll and Color Addition for math today. To play print out the linked page,  then take turns rolling two dice. Add the numbers (or dots) on the dice and color the corresponding area on the owl.  The first person to have their owl colored is the winner. I was trying to show Ryan how to add using a counting on technique. So if he rolled a four and two. I would have him put up four fingers, then two more and count it as four, five, six. 

We are going to the library to look for more owl books tomorrow. I'll let you know if we come up with anymore great owl activities!


  1. Those owl dolls turned out fantastic! And it sounds like something even I, with very little sewing experience, could handle. Thanks for the idea!


  2. Princess R is now sleeping with her owl every night!


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