Friday, January 8, 2010

I've been completely sucked into Blogland!!!

Everyday I take the few precious spare minutes I can find in a day to sit down and work on my blog. The problem is that I have found so many AMAZING blogs that I sit here checking all of them and then I find myself having to step back into reality and play rocket ship, wipe a butt, etc...

I am going to just share a few of the best I've found so far...I know how busy you are too. Plus, I want to make sure you come back to my lame little blog!

Be sure to check out:

Ok- that's as small as I could get that list!! Sorry ;) ** Several of these sites did a single post right around New Year's that summarized the best of last year!!

Sure enough Ella is crying in her bed, more later...


  1. No time for flashcards is my favorite! She does such great art projects! I also just found a new art site (not a blog I don't think) called

  2. "step back into reality and play rocket ship". What a great line.