Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Toddler Tuesday- Pouring Palooza!

This year we had to move the kids activity table and chairs to set up the Christmas tree. I stuck it in the garage thinking that we could easily live without it for a few weeks. I was wrong, but I'm so glad! I think we have used the table everyday now that I realized I can easily move it anywhere in the house.

I was trying to cook a healthy dinner, even though Daddy was working late. So, instead of turning on the tv, I brought the table into the kitchen. I put a huge vinyl tablecloth on the floor and grabbed a few towels to have handy if when, things got messy. I gave the kids measuring cups, spoons, ladles, all kinds of stuff from the kitchen. I only gave them about 2.5 cups of water, but it was plenty!

Ella got some great practice pouring and stirring. Ryan had fun seeing how many ladles it took to fill up the different containers. Next time I'll mix up the toys and find a funnel. I may even get brave enough to add food coloring. 

The grand finale was when Ryan dumped the big measuring cup, and it all started raining off the table. Ella screamed shower and stuck her head under it! Well, it's only water and I got the ahi broiled and veggies sauteed- what more could a mama ask for!

In case you've got a keen eye and are wondering, Yes- that is the same Batman shirt as yesterday! It wasn't worth the battle this morning :)


  1. Rorie loves to do this, though we haven't done it recently. I often put her at the kitchen sink but sometimes on her little table as well. Adding flour made things tons of fun too but that was in the sink. Rorie made "milk" for hours!

  2. Other variations: food coloring, bubbles, pouring could be done within dishpans to minimize clean up...