Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playing Outside

It's finally stopped raining! One of my kids favorite things to do is play outside! Today we headed to 'the country' (aka Grandma & Grandpa's) and spent a good chunk of the day playing with the leftover piles of snow, torturing observing the hibernating ladybugs, and getting out weeks worth of energy!
I want to do a year long Nature Study project with the kids. My goal is to make sure we're spending lots of time outside and observing/discussing what's going on around us. It will include observations, guided writing, pictures and art. I'm contemplating how to best put it all together. My initial idea was to make a binder, but I'm also considering making a computer presentation that can include lots of pictures. Have you done something similar, or do you have ideas for me?


  1. We started on Tuesday at my house when we played in the Rain and explored the anatomy of worms.

  2. Yeah, did you get any pictures of the worm massacre?

  3. I think taking pics and let Ryan make a book that he can keep adding to everytime he observes something would be a good idea. I think I'm going to do that with D.