Sunday, January 10, 2010


So, for some reason I chose my husbands 90 hour workweek to launch an organizing frenzy. It all started with getting some new books, and realizing that our bookshelves were extremely cluttered. That led to dumping and sorting every toy bin in the house, then every closet met the same fate...
The good news is that I haven't been put in a padded room yet, plus now I actually know what we have and where it is! In doing the kids closets I realized that we have an amazing amount of resources that we never use. So, I actually typed up a list and used the ideas in Sue Patrick's Workbox System to devise a system to organize our days a bit.

As you can see we have 8 workboxes. Though, I think on preschool days and weekends I will only put out some of them. There is an activity in each box. The idea is that we will accomplish all of the activities in a day. Some of them are things that Ryan can do on his own., and some we will do together. Today they include 1. two letter puzzles 2. guided writing journal 3. number center 4. ABC go fish 5. Saxon lesson #50 6. wordbox spelling with letter magnets 7. sequence for kids 8. Missing Mittens Even & Odd Activity.

I'm hoping that this system will allow for us to be more consistent in our activities, yet help us to use a greater variety of resources. Since we're seriously considering homeschooling I'm anxious to see if this system works for us. I'd love to hear from families that have used Sue Patrick's Workbox System.

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  1. That's a really great idea! I've tried similar things and it didn't work for me just because D likes to be in charge more. I'm in the process right now of writing down all the activites I can think of on index cards and I'm going to store them in a box. Then I'll just have D randomly pick a card and we'll do that activity. If that doesn't work then I'll organize the cards so he's picking from a set of similar activities. I just have so much stuff that we forget about a lot of it so I'm hoping this gets us doing different activities!