Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Fun Spelling Game

I love how the internet is full of great ideas! This morning I came across a great spelling game on one of my favorite blogs, My Two Happy Homeschoolers.

I sat down with our magnetic letters while the kids were resting and figured out easily decodable words that we had the correct letters for. (I came up with car, bat, pot, dog, mop, bug, sun, fox.) Next I cut out little clip art pics for the words. Here is a copy of my document to save you some time if you have the right letters :)

Just like Jennifer, I put the game into an egg carton with each word having it's own spot. Ryan loved it! He dubbed it The Word World Game, and sang a song from Word World every time he built a word. I'm going to need to make some harder words. It took Ryan about two minutes to finish them all, but he liked it and that's what matters!


  1. Make it harder? Leave out a letter and have him fill it in. Or build the word from a box of letters. Or have him write the word and quiz you on which picture.

  2. I will have to try this, if only I can find enough letters! Rorie carries them all around the house in various bags, boxes, pockets, etc. She loves her letters.

  3. We are just starting spelling simple words so I'll have to try this. Love the use of the egg carton. It's amazing how something simple like that makes the game so much more inviting!

  4. You can use the one I made Kate :) Roar- I just bought 3 packs from the dollar bin that get put away with our 'school stuff'.