Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mom Chores~ Trying to Keep a Clean House

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We are so settled into our new house that I even plugged in the laminator today! I’ve quickly discovered that moving to a house twice the size means twice the chores!!

In our old home I had developed a system that was working really well for me, so today I recreated it for our new home. As you can see I made a spreadsheet of lists. The master list contains chores for each day of the week that remain the same each week.


photo 1

For example, every Friday I vacuum downstairs, sweep the kitchen and clear my inbox (a girl can dream right ;) On Fridays we spend the day watching my nephew at his house, so I make that my light chore day :) 

Wiping down the bathrooms twice a week makes it so that I only have to deep clean them once a month and they usually don’t smell like a public urinal… Of course this schedule was made with a perfect world in mind and there are days when I just don’t get it all done. That’s when I remind myself to focus on what really matters :)

Then each week I have a different focus zone. So one week I focus on deep cleaning the kitchen and our bedroom, the following week I do all 3 bathrooms, etc.

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I printed out all of the lists, mounted them on cardstock and laminated them. I hang the master list and that weeks zone by our family calendar. As I do my chores I get great satisfaction crossing them off the list with a dry erase or overhead marker. At the end of the week I can quickly see how much I got crossed off, then erase it and remember there's always next week!!



  1. attempt at embedding a google doc didn't work perfectly. But at least you can see what's in my master list if you scroll over. Any fellow bloggers have suggestions?

  2. I've never been super organized. I do remember attempting to make a weekly chore chart within the past didn't last.

    I've been trying recently to just accomplish *something* every day. Over the past couple of days I have even manages to do *MORE THAN ONE THING* :O

    It's a big deal for my house.

    Awesome post! I'll definitely give it a go when my girls are big enough for a family calendar (/organization system). I love coming here, it makes me feel like a better mom.


  3. This is such a cool idea! I'm going to give it a try, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I have a similiar system that I don't always keep to :)

    Each week I focus on cleaning a floor of the house. Each month one room gets focused deep-cleaning and updating decor, etc. Everyday is the same 1 hour - swish/swipe (ala the bathrooms, pick up off the floor, clear surfaces, vaccuum a room.

    When I'm not so faithful it's pretty much picking up and clearing off!

    Always striving to meet my schedule, though!

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  6. I need to make one of those!

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  8. That's very organized. I'm aspiring to learn. I have a good cleaning service that steps in every few months. We are getting better at keeping the house clean, and doing it as a family.

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