Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting Outside

Remember one of my goals for 2010 was to get outside tons. We did pretty well! Here are some pictures of enjoying nature in 2010.
I’m excited that Living and Learning is going to be hosting a new meme in 2011 to encourage families to get outside more! We’ll be participating at the end of each month.
January~ trips to the snow, Grandma & Grandpa’s Meadow, and hibernating ladybugs by the handful!


February~  enjoying our beautiful backyard, the zoo and parks

February 2010

March~ hiking, exploring, and digging a swimming pool!

March 2010

April~ This month it warmed up, and Ella’s distaste for clothing began, so I have tons of cute naked pics that I can’t share :(

April 2010

May~  A great vacation, eating carrots right out of our garden, and picking strawberries

May 2010

June~ Tide pooling, lots of fun at the beach, pool, and parks!

June 2010

July~Apparently we spent the entire month in the water, and once again Ella was naked in 99% of the pictures…

July 2010

August~ Tractor driving, camping, and lots of time riding bikes

August 2010

September~ mud, birds nests, and of course safety goggles & hammers!

September 2010

October~ Hiking, rainy days at the river, hacking at stumps, pony rides and pumpkin patches

October 2010

November ~ I only took a handful of pictures in November. But, there were the usual hikes and park days :)

family pic

December~ More fun at the beach, hiking, and enjoying our new climbing dome (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa :)

December 2010

Wow!! This post has made me really appreciate our beautiful CA weather, many fun trips/vacations, and two adorable kids that love to be outside!


  1. I LOVE all your shots!! Isn't it great to go back through all the pics and see?! I loved it! SO many memories!! <3<3

  2. OH and I wanted to ask you before I forgot..what program do you use for your photo collage? I usually post from Windows Live Writer, and they have options for it (which I use) but I am always looking for better collages! I love yours!!

  3. Thanks Gabriele! It was so much fun to go through all of the pictures. I also post from Live Writer, but the collages are from Picasa (it's a free program that we use for storing our photos- and I LOVE it!)

    Happy New Year and thanks for reading!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great year! So glad you're going to participate in Nature Connections. :)

  5. Great post! What cute kids - of course I'm a bit biased ;)

  6. Great photos! What a nice way to review!