Monday, January 10, 2011

How Our Sight Word Garden Has Grown!!


Happy New Year!! My winter break is officially over, and I have lots of fun posts lined up for you. I’m working on learning how to make printables, and hope to provide some fun materials from our current unit on mammals soon :)

I’m so proud to say that Ryan’s reading is really taking off (especially in the last couple of weeks)! We had  been pretty stagnant lately since he hasn’t wanted to work on his Explode the Code. In fact, I’ve had to be pretty sneaky about getting any ‘school work’ in. I tried to stay patient, not force him (remembering he’s only 4), and remember that his interest and growth comes in waves. Remember when he went from hating writing to loving it being completely obsessed with it in a matter of weeks?

Anyways, we are still working on our sight words. On We Teach,  a few bloggers were discussing our favorite posts from 2010. Our Sight Word Garden was my favorite because it was 100% my own idea and we still use it on a near daily basis.


When our garden started to grow so quickly, (and the sister and pets started picking flowers from our garden) we had to adapt it. I thought about putting floral foam in planter boxes on Ryan’s huge dresser. But, again we would outgrow it quickly. If you want to focus on a handful of words at a time the planter may be a good idea. 

So we transferred our flowers to three flower pots that rest on the shelf in our play kitchen (where we see them constantly). The pot on the left is for words that Ryan knows instantly. The middle pot is for words that he knows but needs to get a little quicker with. The pot on the right is for words that we are still working on. It’s been working great for us! Have you planted a sight word garden? If so, be sure to let us know. You could do vocabulary words or math fact gardens too! It’s fun to brighten up bleak winter days with beautiful flowers!

You can check out our other sight words activities from 2010, and you can bet 2011 will be full of more :)

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  1. cute love this idea!! I will have to do this when Sammy starts to learn sight words!

  2. I knew I'd seen this sight word garden somewhere and I couldn't remember where. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  3. Great idea! If you are looking for another way to introduce sight words, please visit us at We currently offer two products - a sight words board game and an activity and coloring book.

  4. I'm sharing ways to teach a few sight words with phonics on my blog. I've shared some printable flashcards and I add new ways to teach with them every Friday. Here's the link.

    I'm a member of We Teach reading on Amy's ning. I've been an email subscriber to your blog for awhile. I don't usually promote my blog in comments.