Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tot School

Ella (33 months) has been getting more and more interested in doing ‘school’ activities with me.


She loved using an eye dropper to put drops of water in the suction cups of these bath pads. We included mixing colors, sucking the water back up, and using a rag to clean up our own mess.

IMG_4927 IMG_4944

We finally finished our Christmas thank you cards. Ella loved painting a snow scene with a cotton swab, cutting felt, gluing pieces and decorating snowmen.


Ella and I created counting cards together using stickers and large index cards. We can practice counting by adding various counters (bears this time) to the stickers on each card.


I put large pieces of scrap muslin out on the grass and let the preschoolers paint with a variety of materials. Ella LOVED it and wants to do it every day now…too bad momma’s not up for that kind of mess everyday!


Our sensory bin is way packed this month, but Ella plays with it several times a day. She especially likes the funnel. We sort hearts by size and material (plastic, glass, wood, felt, and foam).


Ella is into pretending to write and pretending to read :) I just got out these early tracing books and she is doing really well with them.


What better way to practice our balance than with a bunch of fallen logs and tree stumps!


Not tot school, but too cute to not include ;) Can you find Ella?

I can always use ideas for tot school!! What have you and your toddler been up to?

I’ll be getting ideas this month from Quirky Momma’s An-Activity-A-Day Calendars. Print out your February version today!

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  1. fun to use eye dropper with diluted food color on a roll of toilet paper....or wetted roll of TP and then made into shapes in sink or tub...silly but fun...

  2. That last picture is a riot!