Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Learning Our Short Vowels

We have been learning our short vowel sounds!
I tried several times over the last week and a half to get Ryan to sing this song on video for me...this was the best I got ;) I have been trying to get him to do it at his felt easel board pointing to each letter with his pointer, but he won't perform on camera lately!
This song is from our wonderful Sing, Spell, Read & Write Curriculum.We've been including practical practice by saying words and either asking him to spell them (simple CVC words) or asking which vowel he hears.

We also have been reviewing a poem from The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading

This week I will be incorporating some activities from Heidi Song's , Progressive Phonics,

Starfall, and Words Their Way. More on that later!


  1. That video was darling! And my 3 year-old loved it, too :) I'll have to look into some of those phonics programs you listed.


  2. Thanks Raven! I spent a lot of money on Sing Spell Read & Write. While I love it- I think we could get the same results from free programs such as starfall and progressive phonics. I REALLY love Heidi's Songs. I'll be doing a review and giveaway of her products this week.