Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tot School Tuesdays

Tot School

Ella enjoyed using small tongs to put cotton balls into an empty container.
Using our new easels outside to paint the trees
We had hours of fun with bubble wrap!
We practiced our body part words while playing with Mr. Potato Head
We dumped out an entire basket of balls and bean bags and tried to toss them all back in.
We played with our new felt puzzle. I made this by gluing some felt shapes onto a large piece of felt. Then  I sewed a button onto each shape. I made a matching piece for each shape (by folding the felt before I cut it). I cut a button hole in each matching piece. The game is to match the appropriate pieces, and soon she'll be able to button them together. I can already tell that the pieces made out of a heavier duty felt are going to last much longer.


  1. We got a package with the big circles of bubble rap and had I, oh I mean Rorie, Leo and I had a blast stomping, rolling, punching, biting (Rorie), jumping, etc. to pop them. I need to get some to bring to work for my students it could really encourage some motor skills.
    Tot school Tuesday looked like fun again!

  2. We also did bubble wrap at school. They tried to drive cars over it, color on it, stomp on it etc. too! Bubble wrap is good for all ages! Also, I want the shape mat thing for Juliette. Perhaps you should make them for little peoples birthdays or sell them, because they are really cute! How much?