Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Word Family Games

It's a constant battle to find something for the kids to do while I cook dinner!Putting an easel in the kitchen has been great! I covered one side in felt, Ella prefers to play on the felt board side. Ryan has been working on the other side playing word family games. I picked up some sticky letters at Target.I start by putting a word family ending up on the board (such as -at, -ad, -en). Here's a comprehensive list if you need one. Ryan tries putting different letters in front to build words. He gets so excited when he makes a word! We've even learned some new vocabulary such as, rad and lad. When he forms a word he then writes it on his word wall. They don't all turn out as beautiful finished pieces of work...but it's a good reminder that it's the process that matters not the product! When they do turn out half way decent we hang them on his bedroom wall to practice with later. He's getting so excited about all of the words that he can read and write!


  1. Hello there, thanks for visiting and joining my blog. I just joined yours but for some reason it doesn't show my picture. Looks like your doing a lot with your kiddos. I like the name "the mom I want to be" that's me too.

  2. We have the IKEA easel too and love it!
    I am near you...I am in the Sacramento area too!