Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great Books- CHEAP!!

Most of our favorite books are Barefoot Books. My kids love the great stories and amazing artwork, and I love that they ask for them over and over! We LOVE the cd’s that come with many of their titles, and listen to them in the car daily. I wanted to let you know about their annual summer sale.

Some of our favorites are, The Prince’s Bedtime (I have given this book to over a dozen kids as a present!), The Real Princess, The Story Tree, The Fabrics of Fairytale, Port Side Pirates, The Animal Boogie, Thesaurus Rex, 1 Moose 20 Mice, Magic Train Ride, and Driving my Tractor.

I do receive credit if you use the above link. I always donate any free books that these credits generate to our local elementary school.

I hope you will checkout Barefoot Books and enjoy them as much as we do!