Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Realization...

As you can see, I've struggled to find time to blog his week (but that's a whole other story...)

I had a realization this morning and wanted to quickly share it with you. It happened as I was walking to the kitchen to let the dog out, Ryan asked me to turn on his bedroom light. Normally I would tell him to wait a second and finish what I was doing. Then I realized, how often do I do something the fist time my kids ask?

I always want them to do what I ask, the first time. And, I don't tolerate them telling me to wait. My husband and I parent by modeling good behavior.

I'm going to work on this! But now I must go, they've asked for five things in the two minutes it's taken me to write this...



  1. I completely understand this... as I have caught myself in this 'wait a moment' phase with my children! It just hit me - whey must they always wait or aske more than once? So, I am trying to accomodate a bit more and a tad quicker at times.

    I figure I ask my oldest to do something and expect it to be done the first time I ask... yet, I am not offering that same respect.

    Good Luck - it is a hard habbit to break!

  2. I feel the same way, but you have to find balance. I notice that by always reponding quickly to my oldest sons wants, he has become impatient when asked to wait. I guess my thoughts do I teach my son that his wants do not always take priority to everything else going on? This too is a hard habit to break!