Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tot School Tweaks

Tot school with Ella is SO different than it was with Ryan. It’s really hard to get her to sit down and do any type of semi-structured activity. When I took out some blocks for sorting yesterday (in fact they are the counters you can win in my giveaway:) she promptly threw the entire bin in the air and proceeded to pretend to swim in them! Since every kid is different, I’m having to come up with some new and exciting activities for her!
photo 1
Today she loved it when I tossed a sheep puzzle piece in a bag. I shook it while saying “baa, baa, what’s trying to get out of the bag?” (For more puzzle ideas check out this post.)
Tomorrow we are going to practice colors using the bag. I’m going to fill it with a variety of different colored objects, and let her shout the color when I take each object out. Then she can look for items of a certain color to fill the bag.
Last week at a friend’s house she had a blast searching for hidden objects in play dough.
Do you have some fun tot school ideas? Please share!!
Tot School


  1. Love this idea and love the reminder that you share about every child needing their own approach :)

  2. I gave you a blog award.

    See it here: http://familystyleschool.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-got-what.html

    Thanks for your blog! I just love it.

  3. Love the shake a bag idea. I think I will have the same problem with J-jo when he gets to actual Tot School. He won't even sit for a book, whereas Bear has always sat for at least ten books in a row.