Friday, August 6, 2010

Camping in our Living Room

We’ve been trying to step up the imaginative play. I know that it’s even more important for the kids’ development than all of the ‘school’ we do.

One of the best ways to keep my attention is to keep coming up with new games. I can only play rocket ship and tea party so many times… Our recent new favorite is playing camping!


The kids loved toasting marshmallows (cotton balls) over our lego fire pit.


Our tent was simply a sheet over two chairs. It’s perfect for reading books in!


Ella fished for our dinner.

Thanks to Adventures of Bear for the camping idea!


  1. What a fun idea! I have been trying to help with the imaginative play as well. But like you said there are so many times I can play "ahh a monster is coming."

  2. Yesterday I set up a tent in the backyard to camp out in that night! 5 mins later it started raining. Wish i had seen this post first! :)

  3. Rorie slept under the stars (backyard on an air mattress but no tent) with her dad last night and had a blast. Also he found an App for his phone that used GPS to show the night sky so they could name all the stars. You just pointed it at the sky and it tells you what stars you are looking at! Today we played jump on the air mattress inside with her brother! Ever since camping I have been contemplating an art project to make a mini camp site or something. The fishing and roasting look like fun too.

  4. Love this idea--especially roasting cotton balls--I mean, marshmallows. :)