Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Composting & A Giveaway


A good friend of mine just started a blog about her families attempts to live more sustainably. One of her first posts was about composting, which reminded me that I never posted about one of my favorite recent Daddy Projects- a homemade tumbling composter!


I found the plans at Sorta Crunchy. It wasn’t hard to talk my honey into this relatively quick, easy, and cheap project! We’ve been composting for a couple months now. I can’t really tell how much is going on in there, but I’m super hopeful that I  won’t be purchasing expensive organic compost for our gardens anymore!

Be sure to check out Sustainable Family! She’s got a great giveaway going for Reusable Snack Bags. We use our bags everyday and would love to add to our collection.


  1. It really was quite easy to make. Of course, knowing someone who has access to these 55 gallon drums is the key to making it affordable, because otherwise they are expensive to acquire.

  2. No need to buy the bags, we can have a craft party and make them! I need to make some for Sophie for school and this would be the perfect incentive to do so. I was just thinking about cutting some more fabric for some cloth napkins, we can do it all in one afternoon/night!

  3. Thanks Stacy and I like the composter, that is the same kind Sean wants to make for our second one (we think we will have enough compost for 2 but we'll see). The one we bought is good too and totally entertaining for the kids because its a huge ball.

  4. YAY! So glad you were inspired to DIY your own composter. Here's to happy soil-making! (which is a weird thing to say, but I suppose better than "here's to happy decay!")

  5. I've been reading alot about biogas ... would this be adaptable?