Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Egg Shakers (Auditory Discrimination)

Did you know that you can help your child fine-tune their senses? We work a lot with visual discrimination, and today we tried our first game teaching auditory discrimination.

I filled large plastic eggs with different items. I made 2 eggs of each kind: uncooked rice, uncooked lentils, rocks, beads, and jellybeans.

Ryan's job was to use sound to find the matching pairs. He did better with it than I expected! The rice and lentils were really hard for me to distinguish from one another, he had a much easier time with it. Will have to test Daddy when he comes home form work.

Ella loved the different noises, but was very tempted to open them. I'm thinking about gluing them shut so that we can keep them with our musical instruments.


  1. More Easter fun: After dying eggs today at grammy's we had fun making tie dye (outside) with a turkey baster (grammy didn't have an eye dropper), left over egg die, paper towels, coffee filters and an old white towel. Even Leo had green feet when they were done.

  2. We did this at preschool too and it was a big hit (during senses week)! Try the same activity using objects with different weights. Ask which one is the lightest, heaviest, etc.