Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing with Coloring Mixing and Liquid Watercolors

Ryan has been taking classes at Kidzart. It was at these classes that we were both introduced to liquid watercolors. They are awesome! When we use regular watercolors at home we have a hard time getting vibrant colors, and the palette always ends up being one big puddle of mucky brown. We both love them so much that I ordered some from Discount School Supply (The 8oz bottles are on super clearance right now for $1 each!!) .

As you can see we had a lot of fun today playing with color mixing. Ryan initially threw a mini-fit when he saw that I only bought red, blue, and yellow. But, he was intrigued when I promised that we could use those colors to make his favorite color, purple. As you can see in the pictures we used small color cups, eye droppers, brushes, and paint paper (all from one of my other favorite stores, Dharma Trading). 

We made basic color wheels while we experimented using the eye droppers to mix colors. Ryan was so excited to see what happens when we mix colors. We've done this in other ways, I guess just not recently or frequently enough.

Ryan also painted an entire page purple, like I said- it's his favorite....Then we practiced using eyedroppers by trying to spread single drops around on a paper towel. It was hard for Ryan to not squeeze the dropper, and hard fro me to not end the project when he kept squeezing paint everywhere. But, after only a few tries we got this beautiful paper towel. I can't wait to buy some coffee filters, just imagine all of the possibilities...

The paints are messy, I'm glad I brought our table into the tiled kitchen. But, they cleaned up well off of everything except the unfinished wood table.

I have a few ideas to come on ways to use our newest medium, but for more ideas now check out these ideas from Alphabet Soup.


  1. Love it! We just did color mixing the other day too! I used the bath tabs that make the water change colors and just let him mix the colors to see what would happen. Love the painting!

  2. Wow thanks for the link to the sale! I might just have to get some, I love watercolors but I can't find any liquid ones at local stores so I dilute the concentrated paste watercolor for my son to use. I love the look of watercolors and my son is so into mixing colors right now that I think this will be perfect!