Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our ABC Board

I finally made this ABC Board after thinking of it a couple of months ago. It would have been more useful to Ryan when I thought about it...

I sealed envelopes and then cut off the ends.  So, each envelope made two pockets. They are all glued on a piece of foam board. I found the letters on clearance at Big Lots! My original plan had been to stamp letters on the envelopes; but, I like how these cardboard letters provide some weight to the front of the envelopes and help keep them open. I applied tacky glue liberally with a paintbrush in hopes that this board will last to use with Ella some day soon.

Last night I propped the board up on the easel in the kitchen and Ryan used the letter pieces that I created as an extension for our Rainbow Book. While I cooked dinner he sorted the letters into the correct envelopes. I also had him sing the ABC's slow enough that he could point to each letter as he said it. This took a few tries. It was a challenge to get his mouth and hand to move at the same pace!

Words Their Way (one of my favorite resources of all times) has some great font sorts. You can see an example here. I'll have to print out more of these, to use with our board, as Ryan starts to get exposed to more and more fonts in everyday life.

We are starting to do some sequencing activities. For example I'll ask Ryan what comes before P, or what comes after H, or fill in the blank O ___ Q. The ABC Board will help as a reference for these.

Also, I need to start to teach the kids the alphabet in Spanish. I haven't gotten around to it yet because I need a refresher myself ;) Pointing to each letter as we say it will help solidify connections faster than just singing it alone!

If I ever get my in-home classroom this board will make an adorable decoration ;)


  1. It was neat to see Ryan try to separate out the "el-em-enno" part of the alphabet that always seems to get bunched together when you sing the song.

  2. I really like your ABC board - it's very attractive and inviting for little ones! What a fantastic deal you got on those cardboard letters!! Thanks for sharing this, it's a super idea... I think it would also be great for sorting clip art into each pocket - a great phonics activity. :) I need to do something like this!