Thursday, December 17, 2009

Candy Colors

We're just starting to introduce some sight words to Ryan and I thought that color words might be a fun addition. You could use anything as playing pieces, I chose M&M's because candy is a rare treat around here and it get's Ryan really excited!

To play, print out the Candy Color game board and playing cards. Cut out the color words to make cards. Each player needs a game board and a small bowl of M&M's (or other playing pieces). Place the color cards upside down in the center of the playing area. Have the first player choose a card and try to read the color word. If they need help encourage them to look at the color words on their game board. Place a candy on the appropriate color box. Take turns drawing a word and placing candy on your game board. If you select a color that you don't need you don't take a candy that turn. Play until everyone's board is covered. Enjoy the candy and your new sight words!


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