Thursday, December 17, 2009

Word Box

Since Ryan is just learning to read, I wanted to think of several fun ways for him to practice the words we are working on. One morning last week I handed him a marker and some index cards and asked him to write all the words he knows how to spell. I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote 9 words! Then I told him that we were going to put the words in a special box and practice them often! As soon as Daddy came home from work Ryan showed him the word box and read all the words to him.

The next day I told Ryan that we were going to learn a new word. As we were sitting down to read our first of many books that morning, I wrote THE on a card for him. I told him that this a special word, because we can find it in tons of places! I told him to look for the word while we were reading. The first few pages I would pause and point to the word 'the' each time we encountered it. Within a few pages he didn't want to hear the story because he was so excited about searching for the word he could read by himself! A week later he is still getting excited when he see's 'the' and is amazed by how it really is every where.

Today we are introducing the word 'and'. I'm choosing words to add from words we encounter and from the Dolche Sight Words List.

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  1. Wow I'm totally impressed!! (although not surprised!) ;-) What a great idea that I'm totally stealing! Thanks! -KT