Wednesday, December 30, 2009

YouTube for Kids

I actually got some cleaning done today, thanks to! There are few things that Ryan loves more than to click around on pictures and videos on the computer. When he gets sick of looking at our own images on Picasa, I turn to the trustworthy TotLol. As we all know the internet can be a scary place, so of course I turn the speakers up so that I can hear it and peek at the screen every few minutes.

To get him started today I typed in Alphabet songs. He watched several really cute videos, and it wasn't long before Ella pulled a chair up next to him. He played an Elmo video for her, which made her absolutely giddy! After Ella lost attention and moved on to playing with babies I typed in SpiderMan to keep him there for just a few more minutes. The computer counts as screen time in our house, but for some reason I feel better about it than having him just stare at the tv. Plus, did I mention I got in 40 minutes of cleaning!!

You have to become a member of, and they recently started asking that you pay $18 a year. But, as far as I can tell the site is fully functional without paying. When you sign up, use the age optimizer to narrow search results to videos appropriate for your kiddo. You can easily mark a video as a favorite to find it again. There is even a parent lock button which makes it easier to keep the kids where you put them on the site. Check it Out!


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