Monday, December 21, 2009

Reindeer Toast

When Ryan needed to bring a treat to preschool for his holiday party last week I wanted to come up with something that was both nutritious and fun. In the past kids have chosen to skip our healthy contributions in favor of the 'good stuff'. Reindeer Toast was the answer!

That morning Ryan and I cut bread into triangles. It would have been easier for Ryan to help if the bread wasn't quite as fresh. But, he did a great job of checking that each piece was indeed a triangle, by counting the three sides. Next we smeared all natural peanut butter on each piece. As I added the pretzel antlers Ryan put M&M eyes on each reindeer. We finished them off with dried cherry noses. Ryan was even more excited about his snack when he saw how much his friends loved them. On the way home from school he asked if we can eat Reindeer Toast everyday, even when it's not Christmas :)

Reindeer toast was not my idea, I came across it on several good websites!


  1. I asked Rorie about the toast (since I know she doesn't like peanut butter). She said she liked it and she ate the pensils (pretzals)!

  2. The reindeer toast was a big hit! The kids loved it. Not only was it adorable, it was also delicious. Ryan was beaming with pride as we sang our snack song, "R for Reindeer.....thank you Ryan!"

    Ms. Jenn