Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Color Sorting Game

Forever ago I picked up a bunch of paint samples. I had intended to make a cool word game. I don't have a fancy dancy giant paper punch, so I decided that the game would be too much work for the amount of use it would get. Plus, we have tons of similar stuff.

So, I've had these samples sitting in my to-prep pile. I've seen a bunch of different ideas. After, my discussion on the importance of fine tuning the senses I decided to make a color matching game. I most recently saw it on Crunchy and Green.

I was super excited that it took less than 20 minutes of the oh-so-precious Quiet Time to make! Ryan really likes it, but it is very difficult for him. That's another bonus, because too often the stuff I create for him is too easy- and doesn't get used enough. Plus, learning to work at (and not get too frustrated) with something that is difficult is a very important lesson in itself!

Obviously, to make it easier you could just use a single sheet of each color. Some children may need help with the clothespins, but it is great fine motor practice.

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