Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Sacramento Spotlight!!

** I am writing this to spotlight an awesome store in Sacramento- BUT, if you don't live in the area be sure to check out their website and blog!** is a jewel hiding in Old Sacramento! Directly across from the train museum, the large store includes a retail area and a classroom space. They carry tons of great kits by insect lore (like the butterfly one that we've got going on right now), an amazing selection of books for children and adults, dinosaur and fossil excavation kits, tons of great sunscreens and bug sprays, hiking packs, and more! If you are a homeschooling family, they are an approved vendor through several local charter schools. Plus- always a bonus in Old Sac- they validate your parking.

This family owned store has been well thought out! In addition to having an awesome selection of great products they host author discussions and a wide variety of workshops in their classroom area. When they don't have an event going on in the workshop you can choose an activity from their activity menu. The activities range from a $2 Paint-A-Critter to a $20 start a rock collection kit. I'll definitely be taking my own kids in there soon and planning a childrens' outing for our mothers' group. You can become a fan on facebook to stay current on their workshop schedule.

About twice a year my husband and I have the idea of visiting Old Sacramento. But, unless there is an event going on, we are usually disappointed by the redundant candy stores and bars. I was happy to hear that the owners have become active in the different organizations for business owners, and are voicing a need for more educational and family orientated businesses.

On our next trip to Old Sac, we will definitely give Trail Mix's scavenger hunt a whirl. They have created a family friendly adventure that even includes eye spy questions for the little ones! You can return completed scavenger hunts to the store to choose a prize from their giant treasure chest!!

I was amazed at what happens when you cross an educational toy store with an outdoor gear shop for kids! I hope you'll check it out online or in Old Sac!

**I received nothing for writing this post. I just wanted to share a cool resource with fellow Sacramentans :)


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