Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tot School Tuesdays

Ella's been having lots of fun!! She is 24 months old.
She examined ants with a magnifying glass.

She played with her new sorting stacker (Thanks Auntie Kristie :)

She played with stamps.

She played with number magnets.

She helped mommy bake muffins.

She sorted buttons.

She played with another stacking toy (Thanks Again Auntie Kristie :)

She had a hootin good second birthday!!!

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  1. Hi, the cards I used to sort our buttons are in my Letter of the Week Shape Flashcards. I believe that Home Grown Hearts blog http://lovemylifex4.blogspot.com/ also has some you can print, but I'm not sure where on her blog sorry!

  2. Hi, you've won my giveaway at Walk Beside Me. Please contact me.