Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun with Color Tiles

At the beginning of the school year I purchased the Saxon Homeschool Manipulative Kit to go with our math curriculum. We use the manipulatives nearly everyday, even though we only do the Saxon K lessons a few times a week.

I was very excited to see an activity using color tiles on Joyful Learner!
I started to make the cards for the activity and realized that tracing the tiles was super annoying! So, I decided to use the computer instead so that I could share my hard work with you! Here is the link for the tile template. I slid our copy into a page protector so that we can do this activity a few different times. When I'm ready to make more I'm going to try using one of tiles as a stamp! Ryan was good at estimating how many tiles each shape would take. This was a great activity to teach him that an estimation is just that, and you can change your prediction as you work.
As you can see Ella is getting more into 'tot school'. For her I placed red and yellow color tiles in a simple AB pattern. She really enjoyed putting the matching bears onto their spots! I tried to encourage her to work from left to right. She wasn't having it, and that's ok :)

Do you have ideas of other activities to do with our color tiles?

Here are more awesome Math Links from Joyful Learner:


  1. Can you link this to the Math Links at Joyful Learner? That way people looking for math downloads can have easy access? Thanks!

  2. No problem- I added your button! Thanks again for all of your wonderful activities!