Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Creating Our Own Spring Sunshine

Ella had her favorite pal, Little A, over today while Ryan was at school. Since it was a rainy spring day we decided to make a sunny scene!

First we colored on paper muffin liners. I tried to encourage them to use light & bright colors- but we ended up with a lot of black and green flowers :) Next  Little A sprayed them with the water bottle. Ella isn't able to trigger the sprayer yet, but Little A was happy to spray them all for us. This has worked better in the past for us with coffee filters- today with the paper liners the water picked up the color and pooled up. So, it was Ella's job to take an uncolored liner and squish it onto the wet one.

After they all dried (with the help of the hair dryer) we used construction paper, popsicle sticks and glue sticks to finish our scenes. Slightly older kids would enjoy cutting the fray for the grass.

They turned out very cute- and Little A was so happy to show her mom her art project!


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