Thursday, June 3, 2010

Organized for Next Year

I'm very excited about our upcoming school year, and just as excited about our new organization systems!!

Ryan does very well with systems and routine. For example, our tv chart worked like magic. So, I made him this folder to lay out his daily tasks. He doesn't care about the cute cover or lamination, but it makes me giddy ;) On the back of our calendar I attach all of our activity cards with velcro. As you can see, there are two cards for many of the activities. One is for his folder, and one is for the corresponding workbox. As you can probably deduce from the picture, I put the days tasks in the To Do section and once completed he moves them to the Completed section. So far this week this has worked wonderfully. Ryan likes knowing what's expected that day and he gets a huge sense of satisfaction moving tasks to the completed section.

This is our new work table. This Childcraft table was a sweet $35 Craigslist find!! There are two small cubbies above the bottom baskets that you can't see well in the pictures. The huge work surface allows me to put the day's workboxes out for Ryan and still have plenty of space to work.  It's also great for puzzles (even the huge Melissa & Doug Puzzles we love!) and legos.

In our office I have our workboxes up out of little peoples' reach. Like I said, I put that days workboxes out on the table. The green crate is where I store Ryan's work for the year. It's really easy to just toss everything in the crate. I plan on going through it soon and weeding out lots of it. Inside the sewing table is more art supplies and some of my hobby craft materials.

You can see under my desk I keep our tot school materials and craft supplies in large tubs. Also, behind the trash can is a paper bag that the kids and I toss our scraps of paper, fabric, etc into for future projects.

I'm most excited about our new bookshelf from Ikea. It allowed me to organize most of our school materials!

I'm working on posts to tell you all about our curriculum and circle time. I hope to have them up next week.


  1. Okay you really could start a pre-school with all that stuff! Can you come set up our playroom area????

  2. Love it Stacy!!

  3. Awesome! Love the IKEA shelf. I link you've pretty much convinced me to go get it! :)


  4. That should be "Think" not "link" lol!

  5. I can't wait to see your new pics Maureen :)