Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tot School Tuesdays (Ella is 25 months old)

Ella loved playing at Natural Bridges State Beach. We also did some great tide-pooling while we were there. But it was too hard to watch them on the rocks and get pictures.

Ella loved her first gymnastics class!

Ella worked on a Power Glide Spanish lesson with her big brother, Batman.


Ella's favorite game since February has been playing Birthday party! 

We experimented with different musical instruments.

Ella played with her Commotion in the Ocean Felt Set

 Ella played with her button shape puzzle.

Ella made a necklace with beads. Her fine motor coordination is really developing! 


 Ella put beads onto toothpicks that were stuck in a styrofoam tray. We talked about colors and practiced counting during this activity.


My little girl is growing up so fast! She prefers the big kid swing. She's completely potty trained (day & night) and the binkie fairy came this week and took her binkies!!


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