Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Shrinky Dink Mobile

Yesterday we celebrated Ryan's last day of preschool for this year. We are so fortunate that a good friend of mine has an amazing in-home preschool.  I don't really feel like Ryan needs to attend preschool, but he loves it. I helped the students assemble a mobile for the teacher.

Each student traced their hand on shrinky dink paper. Then they colored them and added their name. I used a hole puncher to add a hole to each hand and baked them. I followed the same steps with a large circle for the top piece. Lastly I threaded each hand on a piece of wire and let the kids add their own beads.

It turned out really cute and will look great hanging in the classroom! I love shrinky dink and think we'll make a mobile to go with our ocean theme in the next few weeks.


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