Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Web Wednesday

The internet is a wonderful thing!! I wanted to start sharing some of my online favorites with you on a more regular basis.

You can always see some of my favorite blogs and websites in the favorites section (found in the top nav bar).

Speaking of the top nav bar, what do you think of our new look? I LOVE it! I wish I could say I'm this talented, but no. Our new design is the work of Jolanthe, at Relevant Designs. Not only does she make everything look awesome, but she is great to work with and incredibly affordable. I don't know how she does it all! I highly recommend letting her remodel your blog, or at least create a blog button for you (only $5!!!)

One more TOTALLY AWESOME thing to share with you on our first Web Wednesday- Have you heard of Tumblr? It's been around awhile, but I just found it. Carisa, of has a great introductory mini-tutorial hereCheck out my Tumblr page: To quickly see my 'idea file' check out the quick view (aka archive). I think this is an awesome way to keep track of the great ideas & inspirations in the blogosphere!

Do you have a suggestion of a website, app or blog for me? Please leave it in a comment!



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